Free Pad-Pak Program

If you have used a HeartSine samaritan PAD during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in a public setting, it’s critical that you tell us, by providing HeartSine with the Saver EVO file that contains comprehensive event data about the event and a completed Customer Event Report form. This information is used by HeartSine to measure the success of our Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and to continually improve our products to ensure optimum results. When you provide the Saver EVO file, along with a completed Customer Event Report form for a qualifying event*, we’ll send you a free Pad-Pak for your efforts!

Two simple steps

  1. Immediately after a HeartSine AED is used during an SCA, download the event data file (.evo) from your AED.
  2. Complete and submit the following to
    • HeartSine Customer Event Report form (with no identifying patient information)
    • Event file (.evo)

If the event qualifies and the information provided is complete, a free Pad-Pak will be shipped to you. Please allow two business days for review of the event data.

The Saver EVO software and Saver EVO User Manual are available for download. The Customer Event Report form can be completed as a PDF form or using our online Customer Event Report form.

* Event qualifications

  • Event must be a sudden cardiac arrest to qualify. (Event is reviewed by Stryker Clinical team, whose decision is final.)
  • Stryker must receive the original .evo event file (pdf file will not be accepted) and Customer Event Report form.
  • AED must be used in a non-professional rescue. (Out of hospital, in a workplace or community setting by a layperson rescuer.)
    • Events in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, and fire departments are excluded from the program.
    • Devices used by law enforcement or in medical offices (doctor or dental) will be eligible to receive a maximum of two (2) free Pad-Paks per device per year.