System Updates

HeartSine 2010 Guidelines Statement

HeartSine 2010 Guidelines Statement (PDF)

samaritan PAD Trainer Configuration Software
(Updated June 11, 2015)


The software updates and provides the remote pairing feature for samaritan Trainer models TRN-300 and TRN-500.

Trainer Configuration Software User Instructions (PDF)
(Updated June 12, 2015)

Instructions for the HeartSine samaritan Trainer Configuration Software.

Saver EVO Software

The Saver EVO Software is required to configure, and download event data from all HeartSine samaritan PAD models. An optional data cable is required to download the Saver EVO file from the samaritan PAD. If a cable was not provided with your device, please contact your HeartSine Authorized Distributor.

Go here to download the Saver EVO file for your specific device and region.