samaritan PAD AED Notice - Ireland

Thank you for responding to our HeartSine samaritan(R) PAD Notice for a voluntary Field Safety Corrective Action relating to your samaritan PAD 300/300P AED. To expedite the correction of your AED, please complete the following information.


In 2012, HeartSine Technologies undertook a voluntary Field Safety Corrective Action (FSCA) relating to its samaritan PAD 300/300P Public Access Defibrillators. A number of affected devices, purchased in early 2011 or before, remain on the Irish market for which the required corrective actions have not been completed.

If you are in possession of a samaritan PAD 300 or samaritan PAD 300P device with a serial number in the range below, please contact HeartSine Technologies on 048 9093 9404 (during working hours) or by email at The serial number is a 10- or 11- digit number found on the label on the back of the device.

The ranges of affected serial numbers are:

0400000501 to 0700032917

08A00035000 to 10A00070753

10C00200000 to 10C00210318


Please ensure your devices are registered with HeartSine and regularly visit to verify that you have all current updates for your AED.