HeartSine Shows Support During World Heart Day

IMG_6929In an effort to raise awareness and show support for treating cardiovascular disease (CVD), HeartSine employees wore red on World Heart Day!

World Heart Day is on the 29th of September each year and its goal is to raise awareness of CVD and the importance of creating healthy heart environments. According to the World Health Organization, CVD is the number one killer worldwide, claiming over 17 million lives each year.

The World Heart Federation has put together a list of ways that you can make healthy heart choices and reduce you and your family’s risk of CVD where you live, work, and play, including the following:

Healthy heart choices where you live:

  • Stock your home with healthy food choices
  • Ban smoking in your home
  • Stay active
  • Recognize your CVD risk by visiting a health professional for blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose level tests

Healthy heart choices where you work:

  • Say no to smoking and demand smoking is banned at your workplace
  • Bring exercise to work by cycling or walking to work and taking walks during your breaks
  • Watch what you eat and encourage your workplace to offer healthy options
  • Reduce stress by taking your lunch away from work to get some fresh air and exercise

Healthy heart choices where you play:

  • Get active and encourage your family to do so as well
  • The best type of activities include aerobic exercises, which are especially good for your heart

Visit World Heart Federation for more information on how you can raise awareness and fight CVD!