Fully Automatic HeartSine AED Debuts in Canada

360P_PAD_US_on_0041_webHeartSine® Technologies samaritan® PAD 360P fully automatic automated external defibrillator (AED) has been authorized for sale in the Canadian market.

Based on the company’s popular HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P, the samaritan PAD 360P (SAM 360P) analyzes the heart rhythm and automatically delivers an electrical shock to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in order to restore the heart to normal rhythm. This highly user-friendly AED provides easy to follow visual and audible prompts, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) coaching which verbally guides the rescuer through the CPR process. Shock delivery, if required, is fully automatic which means there is no shock button to press.

The SAM 360P utilizes patented samaritan PAD technology to assess rhythm and maximize effective shock delivery if necessary. This small and lightweight device features HeartSine’s proprietary electrode technology and unique SCOPE™ (Self-Compensating Output Pulse Envelope) biphasic technology (an escalating and low-energy waveform that automatically adjusts for patient impedance differences).

“Our new auto-shock functionality has been designed with the same attention to safety as our customers have come to expect with our samaritan PAD products,” says Stephen Garrett, HeartSine’s Vice President of Sales in the Americas. “We’re proud of our safety record, which is just one of the many reasons HeartSine products are very popular in Canada.”

The SAM 360P will complement the SAM 350P and SAM 500P, which are currently offered in Canada, by providing users with a choice of either a fully-automatic device, a semi-automatic device, or a device with integrated real-time CPR feedback.

“We are excited to add the SAM 360P to our HeartSine product line here in Canada,” says John Collie, CEO/President at Rescue 7, HeartSine’s Canadian Authorized Distributor. “Our customers love the samaritan PAD devices and we are confident that the new auto shock feature on the SAM 360 will make this product a huge success in our market as well.”

With a rating of IP56, the samaritan PADs are the most rugged AEDs available on the market, providing the highest level of dust and water ingress protection in the industry. This makes the HeartSine AEDs equally ideal for use in the corporate office or in the field where exposure to the elements is a challenge.

All HeartSine samaritan PAD models use the company’s innovative Pad-Pak™ cartridge that houses both the battery and electrodes for the device. One expiration date eliminates the need and reduces the costs to track and inventory two separate items, giving the samaritan PAD one of the lowest costs of ownership among top-selling AEDs in the industry. In addition, the Pad-Pak features a rapid replacement mechanism that enables both the pads and the battery, which also is available with EASA’s latest ETSO-C142a certification, to be replaced within seconds.

Along with the SAM 360P, HeartSine will offer a new samaritan PAD Trainer that simplifies CPR and AED training. The new samaritan PAD Trainer guides users through simulated analysis, energy delivery and prompted CPR intervals with the look and feel of a live samaritan PAD 360P without the actual charge and discharge of an electrical shock.

The samaritan PAD 360P is available in Canada, and several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and will roll out to additional countries as local regulatory approvals are received. The cost of the device is comparable to that of the SAM 350P.

To watch a samaritan PAD 360P tutorial video, click here: https://youtu.be/TVsHQgTEmu8