HeartSine Employees Go Red to Fight Heart Disease and Stroke

To show support on National Wear Red Day during National Heart Month, HeartSine employees from all over the world have gone red to help fund lifesaving heart research.

The purpose of National Wear Red Day is to raise funding and awareness in the fight against heart disease and stroke. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), heart disease causes over 17 million deaths a year, and every year, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke. Of those 15 million, nearly six million die and another five million are left permanently disabled. Fortunately, the American Heart Association has put together a list of 10 easy ways to combat heart disease and stroke:

1. Know Your Heart Score
2. Live Healthy
3. Know the Signs of a Heart Attack
4. Start Walking
5. Wear Red
6. Host a Wear Red Day Event
7. Help Your Community Go Red
8. Go Red Online
9. Shop for the Cause
10. Support Go Red

With defibrillators increasing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival rates to over 75% when used in conjunction with proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), compared to less than 5% with just CPR, HeartSine is in full support of the pioneering research of local and international resuscitation foundations. This research is central to the discovery and treatment of heart and circulatory conditions such as arrhythmias, which in many cases are undetected and can lead to SCA.

Help us in the fight against heart disease and stroke by showing your support to increase awareness, funding and education. Visit the American Heart Association and British Heart Foundation websites for ways to conquer heart disease and stroke.

Employees from HeartSine’s Belfast, Northern Ireland office.



HeartSine’s CEO, Declan O’Mahoney (front) with some of HeartSine’s Americas/U.S. based employees