Citizens of Todtenweis, Germany Now Protected During Cardiac Emergencies

Raiffeisenbank Aindling eG has donated a HeartSine automated external defibrillator (AED) to the Raiffeisenbank located in Todtenweis, Germany in an effort to protect the heart safety of the city’s citizens.

The lifesaving HeartSine AED device will be stored in the self-service area of the bank and easily accessible to the public 24-hours-a-day. With 84 percent of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) events occurring away from a healthcare setting, it is important to have access to an AED in the event of a cardiac emergency.

An information session about the dangers of SCA and training on the device will be held on February 20 at the primary school in Todtenweis.

The AED was installed by HeartSine German distributor, MedX5.

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