HeartSine Adds Hindi Language to Family of Lifesaving AEDs

HeartSine® Technologies has expanded its line of automated external defibrillators to include Hindi language versions of the HeartSine samaritan® PAD 350P, 360P and 500P.

Available immediately in India through the company’s Authorized Distributor Aska Equipments Ltd, the new Hindi AEDs are in addition to the English language versions already offered throughout the country.

“Offering both Hindi and English language versions of the HeartSine samaritan PADs will enable us to serve a large portion of India’s population,” says Harsh Garg, Director Marketing of Aska Equipments Ltd. “We recently began selling HeartSine AEDs in India, and are impressed with the quickness of the company to provide a Hindi version which not only further demonstrates its ability and strength to scale very quickly in new markets, but also shows the company’s willingness to completely support the Indian market.”

Aska offers HeartSine’s complete range of samaritan PAD AEDs, which includes English and Hindi versions of the SAM 350P, SAM 360P and SAM 500P. The company’s flagship samaritan PAD utilizes innovative electrode technology, advanced and stable firmware, and the company’s own SCOPE™ (Self-Compensating Output Pulse Envelope ) biphasic technology (an escalating and low-energy waveform that automatically adjusts for patient impedance differences) to assess rhythm and maximize effective shock delivery if necessary.

“We’re especially excited about the Hindi version of the samaritan PAD 500P with Integrated CPR Advisor™, which is the most innovative technology to be deployed in an AED in several years,” says Volker Brand, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at HeartSine. “Competing products use a puck which is pushed on by the rescuer after being placed on the patient’s chest. Not only is this solution uncomfortable for the rescuer, it does not account for the patient’s physiology or the firmness of the surface on which the patient is lying. CPR Advisor overcomes these drawbacks with a proven, unique solution, now shipping on our samaritan PAD 500P product, which provides real-time voice prompts for feedback on both depth and rate of compressions. This product is a true CPR rescue device combined with an AED.”