HeartSine Wins Defibrillator Contract in Spanish City

HeartSine Technologies’ distributor in Spain, Adiemed, has won a tender to install a number of its new fully automatic samaritan PAD 360P defibrillators in the city of Cerdanyola del Valles, Spain.

The placement will ensure its residents and visitors are further protected in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

 In total 15 of the HeartSine automated external defibrillators (AEDs) will be deployed within the city, with 144 people trained in CPR and use of the devices which talk the responder through the process while analyzing the rhythm of the patient’s heart and automatically delivering a shock only if required.

To ensure devices can be made available to a victim of SCA as soon as possible, the AEDs will be installed in sport and social centers of the city, with two of the devices also available in local police cars.

CEO of HeartSine Technologies, Declan O’Mahoney, said:

“Most cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest occur outside of the hospital. The city of Cerdanyola del Valles has shown a responsibility to protecting its residents and increasing their chances of survival in these cases by having our AEDs closer to hand.

“Someone suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest who is treated with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) alone will have a survival rate of less than 5%. Combining CPR with a defibrillator can increase this rate up to 75%; this is why positioning defibrillators in public places and increasing awareness of their locations is so crucial.”

The city hopes to increase the number of defibrillators within the area further in the coming years.

The deployment of the AEDs is big news in Spain, where it was covered by several local and national papers:





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