Casino defibrillator restores heartbeat of sudden cardiac arrest victim

HeartSine defibrillator successfully restores heartbeat of patron at New York casino

Security guard, Cory Lapp, quickly deployed a HeartSine defibrillator to restore the heartbeat of a patron at Batavia Downs casino in New York.

Another HeartSine® defibrillator has been utilized to help resuscitate a local patron of Batavia Downs, a casino in New York.

21 year old security guard, Cory Lapp, was first on the scene when the Batavia resident was reported to have collapsed, not breathing.

Along with the assistance of fellow colleague Bob Humphrey, Cory harnessed his previous experience in CPR administration to attempt to revive the patient.

When the victim failed to respond, Cory quickly applied deployed the HeartSine samaritan® PAD (public access defibrillator) which administered a shock to the patient’s heart, which led to a successful resuscitation.

CEO of HeartSine Technologies, Declan O’Mahoney, said:

“Cases of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) such as this really emphasize the importance of taking the correct precautionary measures to ensure that both private and public facilities are well equipped with potentially lifesaving defibrillators.

“Although Cory has previous experience in CPR and using defibrillators, this is not a necessity as our defibrillators are extremely simple to operate in moments of crisis as they are fully automated and manufactured in more than 30 languages.

“The HeartSine samaritan PAD talks the responder through the entire process with very clear instructions, from applying the pads to the patient’s chest, to analyzing the heart rhythm and delivering a shock if required.

“The revival of this patient is a direct result of Cory’s quick thinking and subsequent actions. This could have been a very different scenario if Batavia Downs was not equipped with a defibrillator.”

Following the incident the patient, who has not yet been named, was immediately transported to the nearest hospital to seek further medical attention.

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