HeartSine welcomes Northern Ireland Resuscitation Strategy

Declan OMahoney

HeartSine Chief Executive, Declan O’Mahoney

Edwin Poots, the Minister of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in Northern Ireland has today launched a Community Resuscitation Strategy for the province.

The strategy aims to increase Northern Ireland’s survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, which sits at only 10%, whilst also increasing the number of people with CPR skills and availability of public access defibrillators.

The strategy has been welcomed by HeartSine Chief Executive, Declan O’Mahoney, who said:

“At HeartSine, our aim is to reduce the number of sudden cardiac arrest deaths by increasing public access to defibrillators and we welcome Community Resuscitation Strategies (CRS) wherever they are put in place. However, with headquarters in Belfast, where all our automated defibrillators are developed and assembled, I am particularly pleased that Northern Ireland now has CRS in place.

“In the event of sudden cardiac arrest, CPR increases the victim’s chances of survival by up to 5%. When a defibrillator is used in conjunction with CPR, the chances of survival can increase by up to 70%.

“I hope this strategy will instil confidence in members of the public to take action and administer CPR if required, if someone has suffered cardiac arrest they are effectively dead and  CPR could keep the victim alive until a public access defibrillator or professional medical assistance arrives.

“Not a lot of people know this but Northern Ireland is actually the birthplace of mobile defibrillation which makes the development of this strategy all the more significant. The legacies of late Professors John Anderson, who co-founded HeartSine, and Frank Pantridge and their contributions to mobile defibrillation, biomedical research and the development of CPR have had a huge impact on defibrillator technology which is now used across the world.

“Their vision was to save lives, as is HeartSine’s, and we look forward to the implementation of this strategy.”

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