Illinois Middle School Students Receiving CPR and AED Instruction

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are often described as so easy- to-operate, a child could effectively use one. Lawmakers in the state of Illinois in the United States agree; middle school children (grades 6-8 ) in Illinois are receiving important video instruction about CPR and AED safety thanks to House Bill 5114 which was passed in June 2012.

Dr. George Chiampas, a proponent of the legislation and an assistant professor of emergency medicine and sports medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and an emergency medicine physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, said, “This bill is something that is important to us that work in the emergency department … this is going to resonate across the state because what we know is that that first initial piece when someone suffers a cardiac arrest is the one piece that we don’t have control over. And in those first 4-5 minutes the bystander who steps in and offers that support and starts CPR and/or uses an AED makes a difference in that life.”

Illinois Governor Quinn commented, “We believe in the opportunity for CPR and using AEDs and making sure all our citizens, even those in middle school, young people, know how to use CPR and AEDs in order to save lives. If you can save a life, you can save the whole world.”

Watch the video of Governor Quinn and Dr. Chiampas speaking about the passage of this and other laws designed to strengthen healthcare and safety in Illinois.

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