HeartSine Donates Defibrillator to Struggling Volunteer Fire Department

samaritan® PAD 300P automated external defibrillator now available in Antelope, Oregon

Newtown, PA – December 10, 2012 – HeartSine® Technologies, Inc., a world leader in personal and public access defibrillators, announced it has donated a samaritan® PAD 300P Public Access Defibrillator to the fire department in Antelope, Oregon. The automated external defibrillator (AED), valued at $1255, was presented to Michael Carter, Antelope’s fire chief.


Antelope Fire Chief Michael Carter

Carter notes, “We’re an all-volunteer fire department that serves a town of 45-50 full-time residents, small businesses, and tourists. We also provide aid to nearby ranches and other small communities in north-central Oregon. When I moved here last year, our fire department was nothing more than a garage with some obsolete, broken-down equipment and no volunteers. We currently have no budget to purchase new equipment and no tax base. We operate on small transfers from the City’s General Fund and rely greatly upon donations of used equipment from other departments.”

Carter continued, “The nearest fire-rescue or emergency medical service with an AED is at least 45 minutes away in good weather. When a Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes, that’s much too long to wait. I contacted all the AED manufacturers to ask for donations, but only HeartSine responded. That was encouraging because I had heard good things about HeartSine products being simple to use and reliable. We’re very grateful that HeartSine has helped us get the fire department back on its feet and protecting the community after so long without one.”


Antelope Volunteer Fire Department

About Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the heart stops pumping blood to the rest of the body (including the brain) and the victim quickly loses consciousness. CPR alone will not restart the heart. The American Heart Association recommends defibrillation within three to five minutes for the best outcome. After five minutes and for every minute thereafter, an individual loses 10 percent of his or her brain function due to loss of oxygen. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an SCA event occurs once every 34 seconds.

About HeartSine Technologies
The mission of HeartSine®, a world leader in personal and public access defibrillators, is to advance the deployment of life-saving defibrillation therapy for the treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in non-traditional areas of care. The HeartSine samaritan® PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) is specifically designed to meet all of the demands of public access use. Our entire line of AED products includes clinically advanced SCOPE™ technology that optimizes the administration of lifesaving treatment. Our units are IP56 rated for durability and exceptional reliability to meet the unique environmental needs of public use, and they provide a lower total
cost of ownership. HeartSine also offers a comprehensive portfolio of AED solutions that include planning, design, implementation and administration, enabling medical oversight, training and management of AED devices through a single point of contact.

HeartSine, Lifesaving Pure and Simple. For more information, please contact info@heartsine.com, call (866) 478-7463, ext. 112, or visit www.heartsine.com.

About the City of Antelope Fire Department
The Antelope Fire Department continues to be in dire need of firefighting, rescue, and emergency medical equipment and supplies of all kinds to serve the surrounding community. Donations of either equipment or funds may be made in care of Michael Carter, Chief, City of Antelope Fire Department, P.O. Box 105, Antelope, OR 97001. More information is available at 541-489-3201 (Antelope City Hall).