First Responder Educational Services to distribute HeartSine® samaritan® PADs in Africa

Connecticut-based First Responder Educational Services (FRES) announced today that it has been awarded an exclusive contract by the Harvard School of Public Health to distribute Basic Life Support Kits equipped with HeartSine® samaritan® PADs (Public Access Defibrillators) to clinics and research vehicles located throughout Africa. The program is funded by the Presidents mergency Plan For AIDs Relief (PEPFAR) which combats the global spread of AIDs.

The custom designed Basic Life Support (BLS) Kits, which are used by law enforcement and universities are highly portable and capable of supporting life in an emergency, particularly when advanced medical treatment is not readily available.

“Our BLS Kits and the durability of the samaritan PAD were the obvious solution for the medical teams serving in Africa, which have suffered the loss of several doctors and staff members while traveling between these remote clinics. Our kits will now be standard issue on all transport vehicles and within the clinics themselves,” said company founder John Alibrandi.

FRES instructors will begin training Harvard MDs in Boston, MA and in Africa on the application of this life saving equipment.

First Responder Educational Services provides training programs to municipalities, universities, corporations and medical professionals, and distributes AEDs throughout the United States and Mexico. For more information, please visit them at