Heart Trac


AED Program Management

The Heart Trac program offers AED program management and medical oversight services in one easily manageable, cost-effective package. This program includes all the tools you need to maintain, track, and service your HeartSine AED units, helping you manage the associated legal compliance and maintenance issues with confidence. The Heart Trac program is based on a comprehensive set of web-based tools, so there’s no software or hardware to buy or install. All of your AED program records are accessible around the clock from Heart Trac’s password-encrypted central data management system.

The Heart Trac program is designed to take the guesswork out of implementing a company’s or organization’s AED program. The program provides support in developing comprehensive emergency response plans and AED protocols, and determining the most appropriate locations for AEDs in each facility, and making sure they’re installed properly. An AED Program Specialist reviews the applicable federal, state, and local regulations to ensure the AED program is in compliance, registers the AEDs and precise locations with local emergency medical services (EMS), and documents the AEDs using the forms required in each jurisdiction. All necessary registration forms are completed automatically, sent to the appropriate authorities, and saved to each customer’s online profile with a date stamp for future reference.

To ensure both your program and equipment remain in regulatory compliance, the Heart Trac web-based, password-encrypted central data management system provides ready access to all the records associated with your HeartSine AED program:

  • Installation and maintenance data
  • Equipment locations
  • Date equipment was placed in service
  • Equipment serial numbers
  • Expiration dates for Pad-Pak cartridges and other consumables
  • Scheduled maintenance dates
  • Cardiac arrest events data

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