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A recent football tournament brought 70 children from eight schools together as a fundraiser to raise money to put defibrillators in schools. One lucky school, Ballymacrickett Primary School, won a samaritan PAD defibrillator on the day that was donated by Belfast-based HeartSine Technologies.  With a goal of having defibrillators in ...]]> http://heartsine.com/2014/04/a-football-tournament-to-help-save-lives/feed/ 0 HeartSine Shortlisted for BVCA Management Team Awards http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-shortlisted-for-bvca-management-team-awards/ http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-shortlisted-for-bvca-management-team-awards/#comments Mon, 24 Mar 2014 20:28:22 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9828 Heartsine has been shortlisted for two prestigious BVCA Management Team Awards for the Northern Ireland region:  Private Equity-backed Management Team of the Year (Mid Market) Award and International Impact Management Team of the Year Award.

Open to management teams of mid-market private equity-backed companies the Private Equity-backed Management Team of the Year (Mid Market) award recognizes a management team’s outstanding ...]]> http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-shortlisted-for-bvca-management-team-awards/feed/ 0 Staff Profile: Rebecca Di Maio http://heartsine.com/2014/03/staff-profile-rebecca-di-maio/ http://heartsine.com/2014/03/staff-profile-rebecca-di-maio/#comments Tue, 11 Mar 2014 14:31:07 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9733 Rebecca Di Maio, Clinical Research Manager at HeartSine Technologies, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

-What does your job entail?

My job is Clinical Research Manager at HeartSine Technologies, which is the only company to design, develop and manufacture Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the UK or Ireland.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a devastating condition which kills more people every ...]]> http://heartsine.com/2014/03/staff-profile-rebecca-di-maio/feed/ 0 HeartSine Quality Expert Appointed to RQA Medical Devices Committee http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-quality-expert-appointed-to-rqa-medical-devices-committee/ http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-quality-expert-appointed-to-rqa-medical-devices-committee/#comments Mon, 10 Mar 2014 12:55:14 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9729 Due to her wealth of experience, Colette McIntyre, HeartSine’s Good Laboratory Practice/Good Clinical Practice Specialist, has been appointed to the medical devices committee of the Research Quality Association (RQA).

The RQA, an association for professionals working in research in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and medical devices, drives quality and integrity in scientific research and development by developing and promoting quality ...]]> http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-quality-expert-appointed-to-rqa-medical-devices-committee/feed/ 0 Quick Thinking Citizens and HeartSine AED Save Justice of the Peace Candidate http://heartsine.com/2014/03/quick-thinking-citizens-and-heartsine-aed-save-justice-of-the-peace-candidate/ http://heartsine.com/2014/03/quick-thinking-citizens-and-heartsine-aed-save-justice-of-the-peace-candidate/#comments Fri, 07 Mar 2014 21:35:19 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9701 Thanks to the efforts of three quick thinking citizens and a HeartSine samaritan PAD, Neil Trice, a candidate for Justice of the Peace in Gainesville, Texas survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The trio was recently recognized for their life-saving efforts during the health scare.

http://heartsine.com/2014/03/quick-thinking-citizens-and-heartsine-aed-save-justice-of-the-peace-candidate/feed/ 0
HeartSine Donates AED to Highlight Importance of Health Safety in Workplace http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-donates-aed-to-highlight-importance-of-health-safety-in-workplace/ http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-donates-aed-to-highlight-importance-of-health-safety-in-workplace/#comments Fri, 07 Mar 2014 21:28:29 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9697 VickerStock, Northern Ireland’s specialist technical engineering recruitment agency, in partnership with Heartsine Technologies, a leading manufacturer of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) based in Belfast, today donated an AED to Mossley Primary School with one key message: ‘Empowering Workplaces to Save Lives. Read the complete press release now.    

http://heartsine.com/2014/03/heartsine-donates-aed-to-highlight-importance-of-health-safety-in-workplace/feed/ 0
Singapore Distributor Greets Northern Ireland’s Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister http://heartsine.com/2014/03/singapore-distributor-greets-northern-irelands-enterprise-trade-and-investment-minister/ http://heartsine.com/2014/03/singapore-distributor-greets-northern-irelands-enterprise-trade-and-investment-minister/#comments Tue, 04 Mar 2014 21:15:13 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9660 On her recent visit to Singapore, Northern Ireland’s Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister minister Arlene Foster was greeted by HeartSine’s Asia Distributor HTM Medico. HTM Medico’s Chief Executive Don Mok and Marketing Manager Sophia Wan met briefly with Foster and Alastair Hamilton, CEO of Invest Northern Ireland, who were in Singapore to support Northern Ireland companies taking part in the ...]]> http://heartsine.com/2014/03/singapore-distributor-greets-northern-irelands-enterprise-trade-and-investment-minister/feed/ 0 Defibrillator Design Challenge http://heartsine.com/2014/03/defibrillator-design-challenge/ http://heartsine.com/2014/03/defibrillator-design-challenge/#comments Tue, 04 Mar 2014 20:43:04 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9657 Do you have what it takes to compete in the Defibrillator Design Challenge? Are you enthusiastic and full of creativity? If so, we need you!

At the intersection of public health and public art, this nationwide contest seeks to make AEDs more noticeable and accessible. HeartSine is a proud sponsor of Defibrillator Design Challenge, an online contest that invites designers ...]]> http://heartsine.com/2014/03/defibrillator-design-challenge/feed/ 0 Do you know how to do the new CPR? These videos will teach you! http://heartsine.com/2014/02/do-you-know-how-to-do-the-new-cpr-these-videos-will-teach-you-2/ http://heartsine.com/2014/02/do-you-know-how-to-do-the-new-cpr-these-videos-will-teach-you-2/#comments Thu, 27 Feb 2014 11:48:36 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9622 We all know what CPR is but do you know how to do it?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a first aid technique that involves conducting chest compressions on someone who has suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

By administering CPR until a defibrillator is located or medical help arrives, you can double a victim’s chance of survival.

The “new CPR” is ‘hands-only’ ...]]> http://heartsine.com/2014/02/do-you-know-how-to-do-the-new-cpr-these-videos-will-teach-you-2/feed/ 0 Public Health and Public Art Collide in Defibrillator Design Challenge http://heartsine.com/2014/02/public-health-and-public-art-collide-in-defibrillator-design-challenge-2/ http://heartsine.com/2014/02/public-health-and-public-art-collide-in-defibrillator-design-challenge-2/#comments Wed, 26 Feb 2014 18:15:21 +0000 http://heartsine.com/?p=9575 An innovative nationwide contest to raise awareness of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) has been launched in the US.

The ‘Defibrillator Design Challenge’ is inviting designers to submit visual ideas to make the presence of defibrillators more visible to the public.

The competition, labelled ‘an amalgamation of public health and public art’, strives to make AEDs, which shock the heart ...]]> http://heartsine.com/2014/02/public-health-and-public-art-collide-in-defibrillator-design-challenge-2/feed/ 0